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Hunters (NBC Universal) Composer/Score Producer

Alleycats Composer/Score Producer

Infinity (Short) Composer/Score Producer

Chasing the Impossible (Short) Composer/Score Producer

Last Waltz (Short) Composer/Score Producer

Rapid Intervention (Short) – Composer/Score Producer

TT3D: Closer to the Edge
Composer/Score Producer

The Secret of War 

Composer/Score Producer


Composer / Producer Pilot TV show US

Victims (TBA) 

Composer /Score Producer

Big Brother (Channel 4 TV UK) 

Composer / Producer Original Theme

Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 4 TV UK)

Composer / Producer Original Theme

Timecop 2 (Universal) 

Composer / Score Producer

Riders (Miramax) 

Composer / Score Producer

Swordfish (Warner Bros.) 

Composer / Music Producer



Hunters (NBC Universal)

Composer – For You (Main Titles)

Alleycats  (Elephant Gun Films)

Composer – I Feel You (Featured scene/End Titles)

Absolute Genius (BBC)

Composer – The Waiting Wall

Annie Mac – Superstar DJ

Composer – Theme Tune

Driver San Francisco 

Composer – Tuned Up

CSI Miami 

Composer The Noise

Hollywood Homicide (Sony) 

Composer / Producer Original Song

Get Carter (Warner Bros.) 

Composer / Producer Original Track

Zoolander (Paramount) 

Remixer Song (“Relax”)

Baby Mama

Writer “Starry Eyed Surprise”

The Invisible

Writer “Bliss”

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Writer “Ready Steady Go”


Writer “Ready Steady Go Korean Style”

Timecop: The Berlin Decision

Writer “B.A.D” and “Piledriver”

Las Vegas (TV Series)

Writer/Producer “Ready Steady Go”

Hollywood Homicide

Writer “Get ‘Em Up

The Bourne Identity

Writer “Ready Steady Go”

Blade II

Writer “Right Here, Right Now”


Writer “Dark Machine”, “Password”, “Stanley’s Theme”, “Chase” & “Get Out Of My Life Now”

Get Carter

Writer/Performer “Descents”

This Year’s Love

Performer “Until Its Time For You To Go”




Composer / Producer Saab North America


Composer / Producer commercial (hello Tosh)

Oakenfold & Gray
Composer / Producer Toyota commercial (“Gorilla”)



Mr Holmes


Steve Jobs (unreleased)


Champion (Will Smith)



Composer / Producer

Let Me In (Hammer)


I Am Number 4 (Disney)




Gary Numan Remix  / Dead Sun Rising (remix)

Proxies / Cryogenic (producton/Mix)

Proxies / Trojan (producton/Mix)

Proxies / Artificially sweetened revenge  (producton/Mix)

Proxies / Guillotine (producton/Mix)

Deliah / Shades of grey (Mix)

Be Be King / I’ll Wait (mix)

Woo Woo’s Remeber Me (Mix)

Tiffany Page Fighter (mix/Production)

Tiffany Page Hit the button (mix/Production)

Tiffany Page A Place To Land (mix/Production)

Tiffany Page 9 Bar (mix/Production)

The Craig Douglas Project Producer/Mixer for coming Album

John Foxx-Grayedout Remix/Co-Write Interplay

John Foxx-Grayedout Remix/Co-Write Watching A Building On Fire

BT Remixer Emergency

Kovak Producer 2nd Album (end 2011)

Hard-Fi Producer Killer Sounds

Lonsdale Boys Club Producer Weekend/Light me up

Enter Shikari Producer/Mix Common Dreads

Glenn Morrison Remixer Tokyo

Radio Head Remixer Nude

Enter Shikira Remixer We can breathe is space..

Carman Rizzo Remixer Sirens

Enter Shikira Remixer Anything can happen in….

Carman Rizzo Remixer Traveler in time

Nizyaz Remix Nizyaz

Tear For Fears Remixer Mad World

U2 Remixer “Beautiful Day”

Madonna Remixer “What It Feels Like For A Girl”

Korn Remixer “Did My Time”

Moody Blues Remixer “Knights in white satin”

Michael Andrews f/ Gary Jules Remixer “Mad World”

Gary Numan Writer / Producer Forthcoming Tracks

Syntax Producer Strange days

Syntax Producer Forthcoming Tracks

Gary Numan Writer / Producer “Hybrid” Album

Natacha Atlas Writer/Producer “Something Dangerous” Album

Dave Matthews Band Remix Perfecto mix

BT Mix esc

Paul Oakenfold Writer / Producer Bunkka LP

Fluke Co-Writer / Producer “2 bit Pie” Album

Fluke Producer “Puppy” Album

Gary Numan Remixer “A Prayer For The Unborn'”

Joi Remixer “Deep Asia Vibes”

Big Brother Writer / Producer Big Brother Theme Single

Quivver Add Prod & Mix “One Last Time”

Mansun Remix Programmer “Disappoint You”

Genelab Remixer “Out Of My Head”

Ian Brown Remixer “Golden Gaze”

Pet Shop Boys Remixer “Go West” Euro 2000 Album

Natalie Imbruglia Co-writer Tracks

New Order Programmer “Brutal” (‘The Beach’ OST)

Georgio Moroder Remixer “The Chase”

Skip Raiders Remixer “Another Day”

Tori Amos Programmer Tracks

Elizabeth Fraser Co-Writer/Producer Tracks

Happy Mondays Programmer “Boys Are Back In Town'”

21st Century Girls Co-Remixer “21st Century Girls”

Republica Co-Prod / Mix “Rush Hour” Single Co-Prod / Mix “Speed Ballads” Album/Add. Tracks

Rialto Co-Prod / Mix “5.19” Single Co-Prod / Mix “When We’re Together'”

Garbage Prog / Mix “Special” Remix

The Aloof Prog / Mix “Seeking Pleasure'” Album Remixer “What I Miss Most” Edit “One Night Stand”

Tori Amos Programmer “Songs From The Choirgirl Hotel” Remix ‘”Raspberry Swirl” Single Prog / Edit “Cruel” Single

BT Prog / Edit “E.S.C.M.” Album Remix “Love, Peace & Grease” Single Programmer “Remember'” Single Prog / Mix “MA” Album

Quivver Programmer “Blue Lights” Single Programmer “Falling” Single

Penguin Cafe Orchestra Remix “Telephone And Rubber Band”

Mulu Remix “Filmstar” Track

The Human League Programmer “Octopus” Album

East 17 Programmer “Thunder'” Single

Amoeba Assassin Writer / Artist / Prod “Roller Coaster”

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